Keshawn Dodds was born and raised in Springfield, Massachusetts on February 24, 1978. He still resides there with his wife, Tamara Dodds and daughter, Sydney Sharee Dodds. Becoming known as a well-established football player in Springfield, he was awarded a football scholarship to American International College in 1997. Mr. Dodds played football all four years at A.I.C., and later graduated with a B.S. in Education in 2001 and a Master of Education in 2009.

After graduating with his Bachelor’s degree, Keshawn went on to become a fourth and fifth grade elementary school teacher within the Springfield Public Schools. During his tenure, Mr. Dodds taught at the Homer and Washington Elementary Schools from 2001 – 2005. He later took a job under Springfield’s Mayor, Charles V. Ryan, as a Mayoral Aide. Mr. Dodds has just finished a ten year career at American International College, working in several departments, mainly in Student Affairs as the Director of Diversity & Community Engagement Mr. Dodds is now the new Executive Director of the Boys & Girls Club Family Center.

Along Mr. Dodds’ career journey, he has also become a published author of a juvenile fiction series, which is known as the Menzuo – Solar Warrior’s series. Keshawn has written eight books within the series, and has currently republished the first book, “Menzuo: The Calling of the Sun Prince,” in August of 2010, through Cosby Media Productions and in October of 2015, it became an Best Selling book. Mr. Dodds is also awaiting the release of the highly anticipated second book, Menzuo: Legend of the Blue Diamond. The rest of the books within the eight book series are due out in the years to come. Each book within the series is followed with a Discussion Guide that parents and teachers can use to help their kids understand what they are reading.

As Keshawn expands his writing career, he has also completed several works for young adult readers. He has created several young adult fiction books and has recently published the first of many to be released in the near future. His first young adult fiction book, “Who’s On My Side? The Story of Kalen Brown,” was released on August 25, 2011, and debut as a stage play on May 12, 2012.

Mr. Keshawn Dodds is an avid writer and strong supporter of education. His long term goal is to become a full-time writer and well-known educational advocate and motivational speaker. Keshawn wants to continue to spread his words of faith towards obtaining a great education and achieving all goals that a person has set in their life. Being raised by his mother, Elizabeth Dodd, Keshawn was always instilled with what a good education can bring to a person. Mr. Dodds firmly believes that, when hard work meets dedication, success is born.